Rotary Club of Townsville helps struggling single mother of three

The Rotary Club of Townsville recently completed Project Anastasia by handing a brand new LDV G10 Van to a local single mother of 3, Jasmine Baker.
Jasmine has 3 children, 2 of whom have significant physical and mental disabilities.

As you can see from the attached Townsville Bulletin Article, the project was made possible through the combined efforts and resources of the Rotary Club of Townsville, Rotary Australia Compassionate Grants and Pickerings Auto Group.

Jasmine came to our attention via our local federal member for Herbert, Mr Phillip Thompson OAM, who had been asked for help by Jasmine.
We are very proud to have been able to help Jasmine so quickly and meaningfully. She had no prospect of ever buying a car as a single parent on a carers pension, struggling to look after her children and living from one fortnight to the next.

We know that this car is going to help ease the hardship this family faces every day, in ways many of us will never experience.

Project Anastasia again showcases how Rotary clubs can bring people together to combine their resources to secure outcomes like this for people in their own backyards doing it very hard. The club’s $17,000 was matched by $15,000 from RACG. Pickering discounted the purchase price by almost $8000 so we could buy the car for $32,000.

This project also highlights again what a great resource we Rotarians have in RAWCS, which administers the RACG programme. Thanks to Merv, Belinda and all the crew at RAWCS for your help.

The Rotary Club of Townsville celebrates 95 years of sterling service to the Townsville community this year. Project Anastasia is yet another instance of the hands-on humanitarian approach the members adopt. It’s why we are in Rotary.

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